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A Rally/Event is a gathering of Caravan and Motorhome Club Members who enjoy weekends and longer breaks with friends and like minded people with whom you have a common interest.
Is a friendly face who will meet & greet you on arrival at the venue.  Your Rally Marshal will explain where to site your caravan/motorhome, where the facilities are located and any social activities that are arranged during the rally.
After you have booked in by submitting a Rally Form and the time arrives, just follow the directions on the Rally Form.  As you approach the venue look out for the SLC signs positions strategically to direct you to the venue entrance.  They are small arrows with the letters SLC in red on a white background.  When you arrive look for the Rally Marshal's caravan/motorhome normally near the entrance with a sign marked Rally Office.  You will be given a welcome note with information about the rally and be directed to a pitch where you should position the offside corner of your caravan/motorhome as close as possible to the marker peg.  For Caravanners, please park you car on the offside of your caravan parallel to it.  Your Marshal will indicate where to obtain fresh water and where the elsan disposal point is located.
The Rally may include varied social events during the daytime or evening, such as games, quizzes, competitions, communal barbecues for your and old alike, or quiet evenings with background music to relax and chat with other ralliers.  It may also include hired entertainment and/or catered dining at certain 'special'rallies.  All these events are generally great fun and entirely optional so you should never feel obliged to participate in anything our're not comfortable with.
This usually takes place on the last day of the rally and is a chance for everyone on the rally field to gather together with a cup of tea or coffee.  The results of any competitions are announced,  new ralliers and visitors are welcomed and Rally Marshals and helpers are thanked for their efforts in making the rally possible.  forthcoming events are announced along with any other Centre news.  The hope is we all have a safe journey home and leave looking forward to attending the next one.
To go to a rally you will need your own toilet facility, the means to collect your own fresh water and a waste water container to collect your 'grey water'.
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